07.09.13 - Attic Insulation
When animals take-up residence in an attic, they often leave behind sentiments of their stay – including fur, food and feces. So, when a critter control company is called to take care of an animal issue in an attic, it often involves clean up
06.21.13 - Separating Fact from Fiction about Bats
Bats often catch a bad rap. And when a homeowner finds one in their home an immediate reaction is often to grab a tennis racquet and charge. There are many myths and unanswered questions when it comes to bats, which lead to an under-appreciation
05.16.13 - Pigeon Removal and Cleanup - Why it takes a Professional
Many Midwestern mammals and birds hibernate or migrate as the seasons change. Pigeons, however, stay in the same geographical area all year round. While they are often referred to as "rats with wings," these birds have a fairly long and