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Remove Bats from Your Business

Critter Control of Omaha knows the potential hazards and damage from a bat infestation. We are your commercial bat control and removal experts. Our trained technicians know how to humanely and safely exclude bats from your business.  If bats have already established themselves in your building, our bat removal experts will safely and securely remove these pests from your property.

Bats carry diseases and can leave a bad bite if handled without proper equipment. Due to the various state and federal laws protecting bats, only bat experts should handle them. We will be sure to remove all bats and prevent them from returning.

Bats can fit through the smallest of holes, so a good bat control and prevention program usually involves finding and sealing all possible points of entry.

If you have been invaded and have a bat colony living in your business, you will have a large amount of waste from guano and urine; our bat experts will clean up the mess and remove all of the waste.

Our technicians are experienced in bat control. Critter Control of Omaha will provide a solution for your bat problem and remove it from start to finish.

Give us a call today at (402) 671-7209 to discuss bat removal, bat exclusion, bat damage repair or any other bat related problem.

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