Critter Control Makes Omaha Home Mouse Free

At Critter Control, we often find many unexpected animals that a homeowner may never notice without the eye of an animal removal specialist.

These photos show a small mouse that crept from a hole on an eave two stories off the ground. In this case, the mouse was crawling up the side of the home, which was log and easy to climb, and entered into the attic.

While the hole in these photos is small, mice are small critters and their soft cartilage allows them to squeeze through tiny spaces. Because they are capable of entering through small spaces, homeowners often do not recognize a mouse hole.

Mice enter homes through cracks and holes found in walls, floors, foundations, gaps in windows or ceilings, and even through sewer lines.

The Omaha home featured in these photos has been mouse-free for over 4 years since Critter Control secured this and all other all access points on the home.