Animal Control

Wildlife Control

A wildlife control problem occurs whenever an animal has become too close for comfort. Voles and moles in the yard, raccoons in the chimney and squirrels in the attic are not scenarios to take lightly. The damages will become extensive and hazardous for you and your family. Critter Control of Omaha offers professional wildlife control services to get rid of the wildlife in or near your home. Our highly trained technicians will assess the problem and develop a method for managment.

Entry and Damage

Wildlife animals can enter your home multiple different ways. They can fit in the small spaces between roofing and siding, cracks in seals around windows, broken screens on vents in foundation and sometimes by just creating their own way in.

Signs of possible wildlife problems

  • Newly dug holes
  • Chewed or scratched holes
  • Nesting materials
  • Animal waste in attic, drawers or other areas
  • Chewed wires

Once inside, wildlife animals will create extensive damages in a short amount of time. Our technicians will repair all the damages caused by the problem wildlife and restore your home to be critter-free!

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