Prevention Services

Wildlife Prevention Control

Critter Control of Omaha services residents in the Omaha and surrounding area with wildlife prevention services to keep unwanted wildlife out of your home and away from your property. Bats get in the attic, mice get in the walls, and raccoons enter your chimney because they have found a way in. It is our job to fix that!

Prevention may be the most important step when it comes to wildlife control. The prevention methods used will depend on what wildlife you are facing a problem with. Wildlife invasions are far more difficult to treat than prevent. We have several methods of habitat modification and exclusion approaches to prevent wildlife from entering your home or property. Allow us to take care of the problem and prevent future wildlife invasion.

Prevention Methods

Each wildlife control problem is unique - requiring unique methods of prevention. Critter Control of Omaha offers multiple forms of prevention to ensure your wildlife control problem does not return. Our technicians will find every point of entry and seal those areas to prevent wildlife from returning.

Habitat Modification

Habitat modifications are necessary when a wild animal is causing issues by invading your space. This may require keeping pet food and water inside, removing birdbaths and feeders and keeping brush piles to a minimum. Basically, remove what is enticing to the wildlife and blocking off entry points will prevent them from wanting to stick around.


Our techinicians will find every point of entry, then us exclusion materials to seal off those areas and prevent further invasion! Sealing entry holes, vent guards, screening and chimney caps may all play a part in the repairs and prevention step of wildlife control. Establishing these barriers will keep the wildlife animals outside of your home back where they belong in the wild. Exclusion of wildlife from your home is the best approach to long-term wildlife control as it will prevent future wildlife invaders.

Call Critter Control of Omaha today to schedule an inspection and free your home of unwanted critters!

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