Critter Control of Omaha is your company for complete wildlife control services. We have extensive experience in humane animal removal, wildlife control, wildlife relocation, dead animal removal, trapping and more! Each wildlife animal possesses their own level of intelligence, diet choice, and habitat preferences. Your technician will be knowledgeable in all these areas to ensure efficient residential wildlife control that will keep the wildlife out for good!

Control Services

Our trained technician starts by identifying the wild animal, find all points of entry, remove the animal, repair damage and develop a plan for prevention. All wildlife animals pose their own potential damages and hazards for you and your family. We have a team of experts that will develop a species-specific control program dependent on your needs. Critter Control of Omaha will handle your wildlife problems from start to finish, leaving your home safe from future intruders.

Wildlife Entry

As it gets colder, squirrels seek warmth, safety and shelter. Areas like your attic are very appealing and the animals may nest there. Squirrels cause extensive damage upon entry and will bring destruction wherever they go. Electrical wires can be chewed and insulation will be ruined once they have nested for a short period of time. Your technician will remove all squirrels safely, have damages repaired, and place preventative measures to keep the animals out for seasons to come.

Mice Damage & Control

Our team of certified experts can get rid of mice with humane techniques and prevent future mice entry. If you are noticing droppings on your counters, hearing gnawing noises, or seeing small holes in your walls near the floor, chances are you have an infestation. Mice cause threats due to the diseases and parasites they can carry and transfer through their droppings.

Mole Damage & Control

Moles do very little damage inside; the majority of problems they will cause are outside. You will know you have a mole invasion by the mounds of dirt they leave when coming up from their tunnels. These animals will tear up your yard and cause a threat to cattle and family pets. Moles can dig up to 12-15 feet an hour! Critter Control of Omaha can control your mole problem before the damage becomes extensive.

Our animal solutions are humane, affordable and effective! Call Critter Control of Omaha today.